What kind of trip is Kyrgyzstan on a motorcycle?
How do we get to and return from Kyrgyzstan?
Is the plan for everyone to fly together, or is the meeting point in Kyrgyzstan?
Who can participate in this trip?
What types of motorcycles are available for rental?
Can debit or credit cards be used in Kyrgyzstan? Can EUR or USD be exchanged?
What type of hotels will we be staying at?
Are we going as a group, riding solo, or exploring on our own?
Can this trip be done with a pillion on the motorcycle, an additional passenger?
What is the weather like in Kyrgyzstan in July? Temperature, rainfall…
How is the traffic in Kyrgyzstan?
What documents do I need for this motorcycle trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan?
Can you buy a phone SIM card to have internet during the trip?
What languages are spoken in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan?
Do the guides who accompany us speak Spanish or English?